Yii 2.0 Installation

Hi can anyone help, new to Yii,

am on a shared hosted server and have been given ssh access, we are limited to our web directory.

I have manually put the Yii 2.0 files on my server under public_html/YiiRoot

I am trying to follow the instructions but when i try and do the commands it comes up with syntax errors on the command, see screenshot

many thanks


First is composer installed on your shared host? If it is then you should be able to run the composer commands from the command line. If composer is not installed then you need to either contact your hosting company and see that they install it for you or develop on a local machine and then FTP the code to the host server.

The problem is your version of php (5.3.28), the instrucc├│n "$ files = [];" is the cause of the error, it only works from php 5.4