Yii 2.0 & HTTP/2 ?

Does (can) Yii 2.0 support HTTP/2 connections?

If yes, is there some information available on how to set up and verify that HTTP/2 is working with a Yii 2.0 installation?

Isn’t HTTP/2 transparently handled by webserver?

Hopefully, yes.

The Yii & HTTP/2 question was asked because an internet search to find confirmation that using HTTP/2 is transparent to Yii has been elusive.

Stated in more detail, "Is Yii known to be used/tested with HTTP/2 communications (e.g. via nginx 1.9.5 or Apache 2.4.12+ with mod_h2 server) and/or in use providing HTTP/2 webservices (e.g. iOS9 app HTTP/2 connections with App Transport Security enabled)?"

In otherwords, cases where Yii interacts via HTTP/2 communications. Not where Yii happens to co-exist on a server which also supports HTTP/2.

I’m very happy if the answer is to: “Just use HTTP/2 webserver Y or Z and the Yii 2.x side will work just fine.”

I assume 2.0 should be OK since HTTP/2 was meant to be transparent for developers.

Great! Thanks.

Will this be implemented into Yii2 (probably to AssetManager):

Server push - send multiple responses for a single client request - this is very powerful new feature of HTTP/2.

More info: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/http2/#server_push

Extension for this: https://github.com/DevGroup-ru/yii2-http2-server-push