Yii 2.0 futuresafe?

In 2014 I started a bigger Yii-Project (1.1.19) … the last two years I didn’t work on the project. Now I want to work further on it.

I was thinking what to do:

A posibility would be using an other php-framework instead of rewriting the code with Yii 2.0 … I read a lot and think it is not the worst decission to stay with yii …

There is only one point I am worried about:

Choosing Yii 2.0, will that be future safe? At least some years?

Are there any future plans for the next big changes in Yii like from 1.1.19 to 2.0 which again makes a whole rewriting necessary? Or will future updates be smoother for existing projects?

Should I wait with the step from 1.1.19 -> 2.0?

I don’t have an older project in yii, so I will use laravel just as an example.

I had one in laravel 5.1 which was a long term service version (LTS) The next LTS was 5.5.

Between you had 5.2, 5.3, 5.4. I did not concern myself with those versions.

Now I came from java, namely servlets, jsp, ejb. So in laravel I still use it but don’t throw myself into the “latest things” and extra frills. Like for a complex query, I grab the PDO instance and write normal queries.

With that said. When I changed to 5.5 from 5.1 it did not take that long to do so, in fact one evening.

You also have to look at the php version and how long it will be supported.

I would imagine a ver 2.0.* project would be good to go for at least a few years.

I do have one smaller project I used yii2. But again I once changed a cakephp 3 to laravel.

One more thing, I write a bunch of my own things that is php standard, my own Auth, csrf tokens, etc. That’s just me.

You can say I dont worry about the yii way, or laravel way, or cakephp way. Why? Because behind the scenes thay do things the php and pdo way. But I do take advantage of the controllers, views, helpers, and many of the goodies.

Is there a good chance to be safe for 5 - 10 years without rewriting the whole code because of an Yii-Update from 2.0 to X.X ?

Or is it better to change to an other framework … if “yes” which could be recommended? (I didn’t observe the php-frameworkmarket the last years).

It´s a good point to start using Yii2 because it is very stable, matured and perfected.

But >5 years is a long time, no one can tell.

Yii 2.0 is at it´s EOL and will only get bugfixes.

Yii 2.1 is in the works and will be ready to use for 2019 (my estimate).

2.1 will need some minor updates to 2.0 code, but not that much as from 1.1 to 2.0

=> https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/wiki/Roadmap

If you know Yii 1.1 I would choose Yii 2.0 if I were you…

Like I said I came from java, namely servlets, jsp, ejb.

If you need long term backwards compatibility I’d use java servlet technology. Java has much longer backwards compatibility.

I used to work for a mid sized trucking company. Semi retired now, I just do small projects in php.

But a while back I was curious if my old jsp and servlet code still worked in the latest java ee. It does.

But if you have a customer, let them know about how yii and php can change over time, and have a clause that for a fee you can update them every few years if needed.

But caution here. Large enterprise and State Governments don’t update to the “Latest Thing”. They lag back about a year or so to ensure that the “Latest Thing” has had time for bugs to be worked out.

In php I would not 'jump on" an update right away, I would stay up on Yii on a development setup, but not update a customer until a version of php is within a few months of becoming EOL.