Yii 2.0 framework description (marketing alert!)

I didn’t know where else to open such a thread but I think the Yii 2.0 forum is the appropriate place. Every once in a while I take a look at yiiframework.com and see the current framework description: “Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.”. While that was true some years ago the web has changed and the term Web 2.0 sounds really dated these days. This is the reason why I opened this thread: Maybe the community itself can come up with a statement that is short, to the point and best describes why we love and use Yii in our every day work.

My thoughts on how to create a good statement:

  1. Don’t use technical terms (despite PHP and open source). Why? Look at Web 2.0. It easily feels dated after a while

  2. Focus on your own workflow. What are the most important benefits when using Yii compared to all the other clunky monsters?

And here’s my first suggestion:

"a fast, rock solid and secure open source PHP framework made to achieve more with less code"

Any thoughts?



And if we went into the opposite direction? ;D

you though is

Yii:the new generation web development framework

Yii: Less noise - more signal.

Yes, “rock solid”. That’s it. I like this phrase.

One thing I really love in Yii is its “straightness” … there should be a better word for it, but I can’t think of it … that gives me a well-sorted good perspective of the whole framework.

It ensures me that I can manage to accomplish my work even when I’m yet to dig into the details.


You should have said:


@softark: How very true :lol:

Best line I ever heard in that form:

I like this post. :) More suggestions are welcome!




[color=#1C2837][size=2]Thanks! This is exactly the philosophy behind Yii. We want Yii to have less twisted code while still very flexible to be customized.[/size][/color]

Yii:: The fast route to rich HTML5 websites…

That is of course if CHTML is being updated to make use of new HTML5 features :)

I’d ommit the words ‘fast’, ‘secure’ and ‘professional’ as they are already included in the main statement/description.



Change Haensels proposal to:

a modern and rock solid open source PHP framework made to achieve more with less code

I like that one because it sounds a bit "smoother" than mine. Thanks

Onman’s one is good.

I agree with samdark

"enjoy programming"

Cause is what we do, letting the framwork do "worst" job.

PoL, programmers are often not the ones who’re choosing technology stack for a project. If I’m a manager I don’t care too much about “enjoy” part but rather care about code less, actieve more etc. :)

… then you would be a bad manager :P

I think one has to consider both sides.

Things developers are usually looking for:

  1. Open source with a strong community behind it: You don’t want to be alone when problems arise

  2. Ease of use: MVC, code reusability, abstraction layer on top of the heavy stuff (ActiveRecord etc.) to be able to focus on the creative aspects of coding.

  3. Security: It should be easy to build secure applications from the ground up without worrying too much about SQL injections and stuff.

Things managers are usually looking for:

  1. Agile development: In less time more work gets done => saves money

  2. Wide spread use/community. If a developer is leaving your team you need to be able to quickly hire another or you are doomed

  3. Learning curve: Is it relatively easy to learn or something really weird and complex so that your developers will have a hard time understanding its concepts? => costs more money

A serious note: A marketing claim should be short and catchy. The most successfull ones have no more than four words. Think of Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik”. So we should focus on the core attitudes of Yii and turn that into a slogan. Something among the lines of “Yii Framework - Simple design, powerful implementation”.

Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing: I was merely talking about a description (a unique selling proposition if you will) of the framework, not a slogan. Both things are important but are totally different things. The Rails guys are doing it fairly well I think ;)

From rubyonrails.org

So the first part is the slogan and the rest the USP. I was focusing on the second and fully agree that the slogan should be short and catchy. But you need both to actually tell people what the heck this whole thing is we are talking about ;)

Yes, you’re right. That was just being me before I had my first mug of coffee :lol: