Yii 2.0 Alpha Is Released

We are very pleased to announce the alpha release of Yii Framework version 2. You can download it from [size="2"]yiiframework.com. [/size]

Yii 2 is a complete rewrite of Yii - one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Yii 2 inherits the main spirit behind Yii for being a simple, fast and highly extensible PHP framework. Yii 2 exploits the latest language features available in PHP 5.4 and embraces the best practices found in modern Web application development. For a complete description of the features offered by Yii 2, please check out The Definitive Guide and The Guide of Upgrading from Yii 1.1.

The alpha release of Yii 2 marks a major milestone in the course of Yii 2 development. It means that the code base of Yii 2 has reached a certain degree of stability. If you just start to learn Yii or you do not have a tight project schedule, you may consider using Yii 2. Please do not use Yii 2 in production as we may still introduce significant changes without prior notices.

Over the past two years, we have received [size="2"]tremendous contributions to Yii 2 from our community. We hereby thank every contributor for making this release possible.[/size]


Congrats, Yii team and contributors!!!

We can start real projects from now!

Congratulations on a big milestone.

Congratulations to Yii development team.

This is very exiting news for us. Now we can start new production on Yii 2.0 and share our experience.

Congratulations! :D

It is the most wonderful news ! :rolleyes:

Thank you for your excellent work.

great news !! Thank you for this incredible framework !!! :D


Thanks guys, and congratulations on a huge milestone!!!

Congratulations! I’m really thankful for all the work you guys are doing.

I’ve just started my own company, and I’m building our product on top of Yii2’s advanced app template. Development goes like a breeze: my application is so much more elegant than my previous Yii 1.x based projects.

I know I should not use it in production yet, but I decided to use it anyway. Main reasons for me are the integration of Bootstrap 3, which would require extensions and a lot of hacky code in 1.x.

congrats to a new version… :)

Congrats and thanks to the development team!

Congratulations! I’m really thankful for all the work you guys are doing.


Great work, Thanks.

Going for a spin now…

Congratulations! B)

Great work, guys!




I’ve been waiting for this . Already liking it. Glad to see so many improvements.



Congratulations! :D Really you guys are rocks and heads up to you all…