Yii 2.0.30, extensions and Yii 3


Hello! Yesterday I’ve tagged some Yii 2 releases and tried to sum up Yii 3 progress,

plans and problems.

As a bonus, I’ve posted my collection of Yii-related hate-posts as GitHub repository.

Yii 2

Yii 3

Progress so far:

to separate package yiisoft/auth making it

more focused and potentially useful as a separate library.

adding DNS checks.

The part about parsing the header and considering priorities

is in a separate helper so could be reused.

and yiisoft/yii-dataview. The package is going to contain widgets

that work with data readers.

That would likely be a recommended way to create URLs in Yii 3. We may introduce some syntactic sugar though.

configuration files](https://github.com/yiisoft/yii-cycle/pull/5/files).


  1. Tag at least some more or less stable and definitely useful packages by the end

of the year.

  1. Revisit validation. Currently it serves two purposes. First is single value validation i.e. assertions.

Second is data set validation that is composed from assertions. While it is looking good,

there is a problem about validating dependent data. Likely

we’ll get back to Yii 2 style of validation.

  1. Revisit configuration. roxblnfk did a good job about prototyping it and there are draft documents that are to be posted

at the forum for further discussion.

  1. Prepare an application template. Meanwhile, yiisoft/yii-demo serves the purpose of being our testing playground.


Collective budget so far allows me focusing on managing Yii overall, handling Yii 2

releases, doing reviews and at least some code. Community helps a lot contribution-wise

but, I’m sure that having additional team member focusing on code most of the time

would speed up development of Yii 3 significantly.

In order to raise more funding I am going to try reaching to companies in

a better way by setting up Tidelift. At least I’ve heard

that contributing financially via OpenCollective isn’t easy for

a company accounting-wise.

Thanks, community!

Thanks to all backers funding Yii development. Current progress would’ve been impossible without you!

Contributing financially is not the only way to support Yii. Other ways are as valuable. We’d like to specially thank our long-term contributors who are giving valuable insights, reviewing code, translating documentation and making great pull requests.