Yii 2.0.3 breaking di-container in tests


i had setup some tests, which ran just fine. Since i updated no call to the di-container i setup in common/config/bootstrap.php is recognized in unit tests. But the bootstrap file is definitely parsed when executing the tests…

I tried to find something in the changelog, but can’t see anything breaking. If i make the same calls to the di-container in a controller everything still works fine…

What could be causing this?

No idea. Noone complained about it yet. You can try finding out what’s causing it by doing “git bisect”.

thank you for the "git bisect" tip, hadnt heard of it before, pretty awesome! I isolated the error: if i revert the dependency "yii2-codeception" back to version 2.0.2 from 2.0.3 everything is working again!

thank you

So container is reset for each test now.