Yii 2.0.29, extensions and Yii 3 progress


It is release Tuesday today. Busy one. Since I’ve mentioned at recently visited

conferences that I personally hope and aim to tag alpha version of Yii 3 by

the end of the year, pull requests rate increased significantly for Yii 3 packages.

And what’s great, these are non-trivial ones but ones moving important parts of

the framework forwards. Thanks to contributors submitting these and sorry for

increased reviews/feedback timings.

Now, to Yii 2 releases and Yii 3 news…

Yii 2

First of all, Yii 2.0.29 was released.

As usual, there are minor bug fixes. Moreover, it adds PostgreSQL 12 support and

introduces some of Yii 3 dependency injection container syntax. Current Yii 2

syntax works as it did so the main purpose is to ease future transition a bit.

There are also two minor extension releases:

Yii 3

Application template discussion

led to almost made decision on simplify template to very bare minimum. Initial

idea was interesting but proved to be confusing.

Somogyi Márton keeps on contributing great things.

This time his work in progress is network resolver

that would help safely getting correct IP address of end user in case of using

proxy servers such as load balancer.

Another contribution of his is an improvement of data package

adding extra validation to filters that is very helpful when building filters

set from array of criteria.

Alexander Kartavenko experimented with

Phan, a static analysis tool for PHP by [adding

it to travis build of cache package](https://github.com/yiisoft/cache/pull/37).

Pavel Ivanov and Bill Heaton

made several improvements to Yii development tool such as explicit messages about

cloning issues, “lint” command and some refactoring.

There are new documents and guide chapters as well:

Thanks, community!

Thanks to all backers funding Yii development. Current progress would’ve been impossible without you!

Contributing financially is not the only way to support Yii. Other ways are as valuable. We’d like to specially thank our long-term contributors who are giving valuable insights, reviewing code, translating documentation and making great pull requests.