Yii 2.0.28, extensions and Yii 3 progress

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Hello everyone! Today is release day. There are both Yii 2 releases and significant

Yii 3 progress.

Yii 2

New version 2.0.28 was tagged.

It includes important security fix for Request::getUserIP() for the case when

Request::$trustedHost and Request::$ipHeaders are used.

Also there are fixes for PHP 7 error handing in ActiveField and yii\i18n\Formatter

that was improperly using complex locale stings for selecting translation language.

Additionally the following extensions were released:

Yii 3

First, a summary about

getting started with contributing to Yii 3

was posted at the forum. Hope it would spark more contributions.

Discussions with Somogyi Márton and his improvements

resulted in better architecture and more features for very important

yiisoft/data” package. It is going to be

used as a base for lists and grids. These issues and pull requests may be interesting to read.

Friendly exception interface mentioned previous time went into its own package

yiisoft/friendly-exception”. Any package could

implement the interface in order for Yii or other compatible error handler to display information provided. Here’s related discussion from the forum.

@romkatsu contributed unit tests for redirect middleware.

Dmitriy Derepko fixed yiisoft/log-target-email package.

Thanks to Pavel Ivanov DI container now properly

falls back to autoloading when class isn’t found so there’s no need to define

classes without interfaces and a single implementation anymore.

Rustam Mamadaminov implemented authentication middleware.

Pavel Chaplygin contributed

Flash component

for one-time messages.

Views rendering got smarter by totally preventing parameter name collisions.

RBAC package got to working state. There are

conceptual changes from Yii 2 but not many.

Overall we’re getting closer to the state when we’re ready to tag alpha.

Thank you!

I’d like to thank all backers and contributors making Yii 3 possible. We are moving

it forward together.