Yii 2.0.26 and Yii 3 progress

(Alexander Makarov) #1


Yii 2.0.26 and Yii 3 progress

Last week there were no releases since some Yii 2 pull requests needed polishing
but I was able to tag release today.

Update is fixing some bugs and should not break anything.

As for Yii 3, it is moving forward. I have spent time re-thinking data providers.
The code is not final yet and some parts are rough but you can get an idea from
a forum post
and share your thoughts there.

While I was working on data abstractions, Wilmer Arambula made good progress
with view package
adding extra methods to
files package to achieve it

Hubert Strychalski contributed important tests for middleware.

(vitocourt) #2

How can I upgrade from yii1.1 to yii2 or yii3?

(demonking) #3

from yii1.1 > yii2 https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/2.0/en/intro-upgrade-from-v1
from yii1.1/yii2 > yii3 who know’s , it’s not finished :wink: