Yii 2.0.18 released

(Alexander Makarov) #1

We are very pleased to announce the release of Yii Framework version 2.0.18.
Please refer to the instructions at https://www.yiiframework.com/download/
to install or upgrade to this version.

Version 2.0.18 is a minor release of Yii 2.0 which fixes some bugs.

No known changes that could affect existing applications were made.

Thanks to all Yii community members who contribute to the framework, translators who keep documentation translations up to date and community members who answer questions at forums.

There are many active Yii communities so if you need help or want to share your experience, feel free to join them.

A complete list of changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.

(Michalwozniakm) #2

I think there’s small mistake in 2.0.18: there is still “-dev” suffix in version name:

public static function getVersion()
    return '2.0.18-dev';

actually in git: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2 under tag ‘2.0.18’ above function is without ‘-dev’, but composer with “minimum-stability”: “stable”, installs ‘2.0.18-dev’ for me.

composer get yii2 from yiisoft/yii2-framework and there is ‘-dev’ in version under tag ‘2.0.18’:

Can you equall them?

(Alexander Makarov) #3

Thanks! Will fix it.

(Alexander Makarov) #4