Yii 2.0.0 For Production Development Purpose

Hi guys,

I have been searching whether I can start using yii 2.0.0 for real time project? Please share your thoughts to work further.

I had been used yii 1.1 for 10-15 projects and running good.

I want to start new project with YII 2.0.0 , it is big portal for saas model. So, I need your input on this.

I’d wait for a while :)

If you plan releasing it in the next 1—2 months then 2.0 could be a wrong choice (still some bugs, changes etc.) but if it’s a long term project for a year or two I’d personally go for 2.0. By realease time it will get stable.

I’m sorry if any incorrect interpretation.

Because evaluation of the pull request is slow?

How many people is reviewed, and then release?


2.0 will be released sooner than 2 years, of course. But you know that first "stable" release always contains some nasty hidden bugs.

Currently there are 4 core developers actively involved in 2.0 and the rest of the team and, of course, contributors are helping as well. We’re working as hard as we can to make release as soon as possible.


Thank you! Know how it is right? Anxiety!

Well, at work I started a formal, yet small (2 tables) project and decided to use Yii2. Since it’s for internal use I think the risk is minimal. What I’m finding, though, is that it’s hard to let go of the Yii1 ways… :slight_smile:

And the lack of example code is frustrating; interpreting the API is not always clear to me and I learn best from others’ attempts, be successes or mistakes.

I agree that if you are working on some long-term project, yii2 may be a good choice. If you want to use it for short-term too, maybe a good idea would be to create some kind of template / cms that can be highly reused in many applications, and build new applications upon that template. That way upgrading code / applications will be a bit easier. Of course all depends on complexity / uniqueness of new apps you are trying to build.

Off/on topic, when we can expect yii2 release candidate to be announced?

You can get an idea by checking number of issues here: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/issues?milestone=4&state=open. If you want it sooner you can help us sending pull requests or providing test cases for issues that are to be verified.

Thanks samdark. I have some ideas for AR improvements and some issue fixes. But I first need to start working on my new cms/template app and deal with problems as I face them. That way it will be easier for me to give you better ideas / fixes. I will help out when I can. Cheers

I’m going to start a personal use app (For now, since I plan to open source it) to learn languages based on this (http://lwt.sourceforge.net/)[size=2] Since I don’t want to open a new thread on something that is almost the same topic, I’d like to ask, Should I wait for the Release Candidate version at least? What’s your opinion?[/size]

You can try using master from github.

you may start with yii2 for real project… small or big… short or long project… yii2 very mature… for many casr

Thanks guys, I’ll do it that way