Yii 1, Yii 2.0.31 and Yii 3 progress

(Alexander Makarov) #1


Hello everyone! We were silent for a month working on all the versions of the framework. Here’s what we have so far.

Yii 1

Code from master branch passed all tests on PHP 7.4 immediately. That was quite

a surprise. There are still some issues about PHP 7 compatibility in the issue

tracker. After checking these we’re going to tag another release.

Yii 2.0.31

New release of Yii 2 was done.

It includes multiple bugfixes and two enhancements. One is about adding Forwarded

header support to Request proxy configuration. Another is about expanding support

of Yii 3 style container configuration.

But the main highlight of the release is PHP 7.4 compatibility. That was not easy

to achieve it without losing old PHP 5 versions support. It took significant amount

of time to explore possibilities and finally we’ve managed to solve it.

Yii 3

Overall development goes forward but not as fast as I was hoping. It seems overall

release time estimate was too optimistic but I still think we’ll be able to tag some

of the Yii 3 packages and make it easier to try new version by providing a proper

application template. It may happen either before 2020 or at the very start of

the year.

Now, to the summary of what was done since November.

Concepts, discussions, tutorials


Code was updated accordingly.

We are preparing to get good parts of it into Yii 3.


Internal guideline corrections

Overall infrastructure

  • We’ve migrated travis from .org to .com. There are still some leftovers but

when we’ll clear these, there will be less confusion about where the build for

a package is.


We’ve participated in GitHub beta funding program together with GitHub team

and managed to set it up properly. Also set up Tidelift

so now there are two more options to help Yii by filling its development fund.

Tidelift is helpful in another way. They have handy checklists such as providing

link to reporting security issues from each repository. While improving the meta

some mistakes were found and fixed in Yii repositories.

The issue with it is that it’s not as transparent as OpenCollective but I promise

to reduce my invoices to OpenCollective by the amount got via Tidelift. Hopefully

that would allow to get more people doing nearly full-time Yii development. If

you want to spend more time on Yii 3 but can’t because of financial reasons,

please contact me (Alexander Makarov) and we’ll try to arrange something.

Thank you!

I’d like to thank all backers and contributors making Yii 3 possible. We are moving

it forward together.

Personal thanks to Somogyi Márton, roxblnfk,

Pavel Ivanov, Dmitriy Derepko, thenotsoft who made excellent pull requests.

(WEBDeveloperZBK) #2

it’s awesome! You guys do great work!!!

(Forum) #3

What about PHP 7.3? We still have a big project in 1.1, that will take us much time migrating it to 2.x (or even 3.x when it’s released). We tested it on 7.2 and it’s fine, but I’m wondering about the 7.3 compatibility.

Other than that, :+1: for the great work. And I wish everyone Merry Christmas!

(Mehdi Achour) #4

PHP 7.3 is supported. You can refer to the travis build to see what versions are tested and valid:

(Forum) #5

Nice! Thanks for the link!