YII 1.15 Subdomains - Expert Level


I’m looking to create a subdomain for my users that use my Yii platform.

In the same way that when you create a new blog on Tumblr, it creates a subdomain using the specified account name for you.

e.g. - yourname.tumblr.com

I’m in belief that this is handled by the Yii URLManager? Also a requirement is a wildcard certificate [already in place].

Keep in mind that code is already in place, and you’ll need to determine what impact adding subdomains at the user level will have on the code in function.

I’m looking to flat rate this project. You’ll be required to RDP into the development environment to conduct actual work. All tools and code access will be available in this environment.

Thank you in advance!


Hi, I am a Yii expert with 10 years experience in PHP and 6 years experience in Yii.

Here is my Skype ID hayk.simonyan25 , you can connect to me for more detailed discussion.

I know English and Russian very well , so there will be no language barrier with me.




What you need is to enable wildcard and then use a rule in urlManager like that


Where Profiles is your controller and view is the action.

If you need something more, feel free to contact.