Yii 1.1 -> yii 3.0 version upgrade

Hello ,
My company project is yii 1.1
but i want yii version upgrade.
What should I do now? yii 2.0 ? yii 3.0?
and when yii 1.1 version upgrade if yii 3.0 go
first yii 2.0 Learning ??
My English is not so fluent. (+ Please understand it. )
please answer
Thank you.

both versions(Yii2, Yii3) are completely different from yii1. There’s no auto-upgrade procedure and you should rewrite your yii1 application.
Anyway there are some methods for yii1 and Yii2 here
Many of us has yii1 application that maybe should be rewritten but if it works is ok.
If you want to start a new project go for Yii2.
Yii3 is not yet stable.

Pretty sure a rewrite of the whole project

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