Yii 1.1.X end of life?

Hi guys,

We have been using Yii 1.1.X in production since early 2010 and love the framework. We have found it very solid and overall a great experience. Thank-you to everyone for your hard work on this project :)

We are keen to move to Yii 2.0 and take advantage of the newest features such as proper Composer integration etc. However, we have many thousands of lines of code and migration to 2.0 looks complex. We are concerned that the 1.1.X code base will be unmaintained in 2016 and that this will not give us enough time to migrate.

Has anyone thought more deeply about the end of life for this branch? Is there any chance of receiving at least security patches through 2016?

thoughts, comments and feedback appreciated,


I’ve read the following:

Because Yii 1.1 has been widely used and it has received a lot of support from the community users, we decided to extend the end-of-maintenance date of Yii 1.1 to December 31, 2015. And if needed, we may further extend this date. This means we’ll continue fixing important things, reviewing pull requests and answering questions about Yii 1.1, even after Yii 2 is released.

this is under discussion link