Yii 1.1 beta is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are proud to announce the beta release of Yii Framework v1.1!

In this beta release, we fixed several minor bugs that were found in the previous alpha release. We also included some minor feature enhancements. In particular, we added support for using table prefix in Yii DAO and ActiveRecord. We refactored the sorting support so that it is more flexible. We also added support for using customized locale data when developing multi-language applications.

Besides the changes made in the core framework, we also made significiant progress in the zii project (the official extension library for Yii). We have completed the encapsulation of the jQuery UI (JUI) library and introduced a full set of widgets to facilitate using JUI plugins.

For a list of all features included in this release, please visit:



Do not use this release for production use. This is still a beta release and thus may be subject to changes in future releases without prior notice.

We do not recommend you upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1 if your existing Yii-powered websites already working very well. Upgrading may need quite a bit effort if your project contains a lot of AR models due to the backward-compatibility breaking changes introduced in 1.1.

You may find instructions on how to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1 at:




The Yii Developer Team



ps.: and thanks :)

great !! good work to all the Yii team !!



good to see progress in zii

keep the spirit alive :D

Thank you for the yii dev team!

Howerver, I suppose that the 1.1x series has not been used widely, there may be issues in zii lib. Would you please check issue #12 again?

Well done, the new changes are awesome (working off trunk). ;D

Congrats people. I’m happy to see how much better is becoming this framework wich every release!!!

When will you introduce the new branding?

I think the new branding for Yii and this site is very important in order to make it look professional. We still have a great framework with an amateurish branding.

Will 1.1 final have improved MANY_MANY support (mainly inserting / update records) I think i read it before somewhere in the forum :)

http://www.zii.com :lol: another Zii