Yii 1.1.9 known issues

Unfortunatelly there are some issues with CActiveForm introduced in the Yii 1.1.9 (mea culpa)

If $form->error() is called without rendering the input field an JS error is fired.

beforeValidateAttribute and afterValidateAttribute are not called

Issues fixed in r3529 - http://code.google.c…e/detail?r=3529

Required fields are not validated if left empty

This issue is fixed in r3530 - http://code.google.c…e/detail?r=3530

Fixing the above issues (r3529) a new "bug" ws introduced, and validateOnType was not working

This is fixed in r3531 - http://code.google.c…e/detail?r=3531

To update just grab the latest jquery.yiiactiveform.js file and put it in your Yii folder.

Don’t forget to clean the assets folder of your project(s)


   return undefined;

This does not work with input type file. Because there is o but there is not o[0].

The bug still exist if you set validateOnType = true.

o is the jQuery object generated from the inputID… o[0] should give the originating DOM element… it should not matter if the type is file…

can you post your code so I can check what is the problem here…

So, if you set the form

'validateOnType' => true

You are going here :

if (this.validateOnType) {

                                        $form.find('#' + this.inputID).keyup(function () {

                                                if (attribute.value !== getAFValue($(attribute))) {

                                                        validate(attribute, false);





But when you calling $(attribute) and passing it to getAFValue($(attribute)) there is no o[0].tagName and validation crashes.

And i have changed the code to this:

if (this.validateOnType) {

                                        $form.find('#' + this.inputID).keyup(function () {

                                                if (attribute.value !== getAFValue($('#' + attribute.inputID))) {

                                                        validate(attribute, false);





But you can fix it better way.

Best Regards

You are right… this "bug" was introduced in the r3529 when fixing above issues - http://code.google.com/p/yii/source/detail?r=3529

Thanks for reporting this…

Now it’s fixed - http://code.google.com/p/yii/source/detail?r=3531

Thank you for the fixes.

Sooooo… Is there going to be a v1.1.9a?


I would call it :D

Yii is not the Linux kernel ;) But looking back at the past version numbers for Yii, v1.1.9a could be problematic: I associate tha appended letter as a hotfix. But it looks like this has been used already to mark alpha-grade software (Yii v1.0a, v1.1.0a)

official reply?

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There will not be the 1.1.9.(1 or a) version… but we will release the 1.1.10 much sooner… probably next weekend…

Well, I think we can live with that :lol:

Still no new release ?

Just released ;)

We where waiting a bit more to see if there will be some more bug issues about the 1.1.9 version so to release a version as stable as possible…