Yii 1.1.8 - CFormModel + CForm submit problem

Hi everyone,

as per subject I’m having problem with making the combination CFormModel + CForm works properly. What basically happen is that the model’s attributes don’t get filled in by the CForm loadData() method on submit.

Following you can find the code of the four involved element, I hope you can spot something which I’m maybe missing.

Action: http : // pastebin.com / RBnq2yME

Form: http : // pastebin.com / DLRncxFm

Model: http : // pastebin.com / 9btSaPCM

View: http : // pastebin . com / e7T8TEeL

Sorry for the messy links but the forum doesn’t allow me to do it properly because I just signed in.

Thanks for your help