Yii 1.1.7 is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are very pleased to announce the release of Yii Framework version 1.1.7. This new version is now available for download from the Yii site:


This released added a lot of exciting new features. To name a few, Yii now has: RESTful URL Support, Query Caching, Parameter Binding for Class-based Actions, Seamless Client-side Validation, Passing Parameters to Relational Named Scopes, Using ‘through’ with HAS_MANY and HAS_ONE, Using Transactions in DB Migration, and Registering and Using Custom Script Packages. You may find more details about these features in the following pages:



As always, thank you for your support!

Yii Developer Team

Congratulations to the development team.

Can’t wait to check it out!


This version brings many highly desired features. This is the biggest improvement in a single version since I started using the framework.

Also, the improved documentation rocks :)

Great job, guys!

So much good stuff in this release. Well done and thanks.

Lots of cool stuff


Thanks for the hard work, guys


plenty of new and powerful features !! … that’s great… big applause to the Yii team for this new release !!


many thanks to Qiang and developers team…so great … it help me so much to create an intranet application for company organization and NPO…


The new features are epic! I was longing for at least 80% of them the last weeks and didn’t know you guys are already working on it. Perfect timing! Thank you so much

Congratulations to Yii Developer Team

Great jobs Thank’s

Now Downloadi…ng


I’ve downloaded. :D now I’m trying something new from Yii.

Thanks for you all developer.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved! Yii gets better by the month ;)

Great stuff!

Gratz with new minor release.

Also wanna ask for next extension of cache functionality, that u introduced lately: caching of relational records. In that case there will be a correct way to cache all lazy loading AR. If it’s already possible, then update documentation, coz i can’t understnad how to use it with relations.

P.S.: right now i can’t use lazy loading, that’s why i use ‘together’. With ability to setup cache inside of relations, i will use lazy loading.

P.P.S.: of course i can use ‘hack’ inside of view (like ‘echo $a->cache(60)->user->login’), but it’s not so beautiful as ability to setup cache inside of relations.

Very excited about the new features. Well done!!

  • Dana

I can’t believe this framework is for real…that’s say it all.

Amazing job you guys :)

Thanks Again!!!

First, this is just incredible work and I’m so glad to have found this framework. Congrats to the team for a stellar release!

Can I make one suggestion for the documentation?

The HAS_ONE example for the new ‘through’ association does not have a great data model. Could it be changed to something more proper? In the example cited, the content of user, address, and profile are really all attributes of the same data rather than associated data that should be in another table.

Speaking as a relative newbie to Yii the documentation is really helpful not only as a reference but also for examples of how to do something or why it is done that way.

Congrats to the staff. Outstanding job


Any suggestions for a better example model?