Yii 1.1.4 is released

Dear Folks,

We are very pleased to announce the release of Yii Framework version 1.1.4. You can download it from the Yii download site:


In this release, we included more than 60 bug fixes and feature enhancements. Some of the important enhancements include: Added support for automatic action parameter binding from $_GET; Added CSqlDataProvider and CArrayDataProvider; Added CUrlManager::addRules() to support dynamic addition of URL routing rules; And refactored CActiveRecord so that CActiveRecord::with() always returns the AR object itself. For the complete list of changes in this release, please see:



Please refer to the following upgrade instructions if you plan to upgrade from an old version to 1.1.4:


Thank you for your support!

The Yii Developer Team

:) Nice

So good, so powerful! Congratulations!



Great news !! Yii gets better on every release … congratulation to the Yii team :)




What does it exactly mean: "Added support for automatic action parameter binding from $_GET"

where I can find it?



This is a really pleasant thing!

Action Parameter Binding

Thank you for the link.

yes, indeed it is a nice feature.

cool, will go through it soon :)

Ohh… tank you so much for this great framework!!!

I’ll never stop to say: I LOVE YII!!!!

Keep the good work!

I think with this speed Yii become really great in short time.

Great work, thanks!

Nice to see a CArrayDataProvider implementation in the core, saves me one extension that usually gets installed :)

Once again: You guys do an awesome job. Thanks

Congrats to the team, just looking at this release now.

I haven’t figured out where to put jui themes

this is the old location /framework/zii/vendors/jui/css

ok just answered my own question, custom themes go in


Just thought I would post this for others


I think, this is the most stable version since 1.1.0 was released. IMHO

Congratulations on what seems to be a very fine release! :)

I’ve used CakePHP - and like it a lot - but after trying Yii… I think I like it more! :lol:

Thanks a lot, Yii Team, for providing such an excellent choice!

Community and docs and extensions are very important, and from what I can see, you’re definitely on the right track here!

Kudos. B)

Thanks a lot Yii Team… It is fantastic

Hi I got the idea for testing functionality for upcoming Yii release, but don’t know where to post it so I try here…

As we know Yii does fantastic job for "form-like" applications, where user inputs values into text field, choose some from dropdowns, choose radio buttons etc.

When developing application I often have to fill all that inputs, choose from dropdowns to see if form is properly validated, saved, what are the results. Sometimes it is really time consuming!

The idea that blinked in my mind yesterday was: would it be hard for developers to add one visibility-configurable button [Fill-Form] on the form that would call action to fill all textefields with random text (obeying the rules, so this is development requirement), it would also choose any value from dropdown etc etc…

What do you think about that?

Use functional tests:


For instance:

	public function testContact()



		$this->assertTextPresent('Contact Us');




		$this->type('name=ContactForm[subject]','test subject');


		$this->assertTextPresent('Body cannot be blank.');