Yii 1.1.14 Is Released

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Yii Framework version 1.1.14. You can download it from the Yii project site at


[color="#222222"][font="Arial, sans-serif"][size="2"]In this release, we fixed more than 80 bugs and introduced more than 60 minor enhancements and features. [/size][/font][/color]For the complete list of changes in this release, please see:


You may also find a summary of the main feature enhancements in the release news.

[color="#222222"][font="Arial, sans-serif"][size="2"]We have received significant contributions to this release from our community users (e.g. creocoder, tom–, paystey, Ragazzo, antoncpu, Yiivgeny) to this release. We hereby thank their effort in making this release available.[/size][/font][/color]


The Yii Developer Team

Great job!

Keep up the good work!

Note: the changelog link is pointing to 1.1.13

Wow, another release. Thank you very much! :)

Thank you for the new release!

I once again miss the chm help file… :mellow:

great applause to all the yii dev team for this new release !!! … you guys are doing a wonderful job … really !



Thanks Yii team so much!

I already upgraded from Yii 1.12 to 1.14 in my own CMS yesterday. Everything work well.

Replying to myself. Here is the link to the chm file: http://speedy.sh/x6n…-api-1.1.14.chm

The help file is generated with Microsoft HTML Help Workshop. A compile and the chm file is there.

Thanks Yii team for this new release. Can’t wait for Yii 2.0. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.

Thank`s a lot.:D

How to migrate from 1.1.13 to 1.1.14?:o

we were waiting for version 2, but we were been surprised by version 1.1.14.:blink:

Migration should be straighforward because 1.1.14 is backwards compatible. 2.0 is in progress but you can already test it https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/blob/master/docs/guide/index.md

Thank you!

Great job, fixed a lot of issues!

I have post an issue a long time ago


May somebody tell me why didn’t fix that? thanks! :)

Is it uploaded to another site, maybe like 4shared?

This one forces us to download it through a download manager.

Thanks in advance.

There you are: https://www.4shared…i-api-1114.html

I`ve just started to use this framework since this version. And i can say that is an awesome framework with friendly community! Thanks a lot Yii Team.

Great Job! Thank you! This framework is really awesome. I’ve learn more about Web Development because of Yii. ::)

Thank you very much GoofyX, this is what i’m looking for.

Thank you for the released of yii 1.1.14. But, there is little problem with oracle.

When i was using gii and connected to oracle DB, it displayed error timeout.

I had the post before, and no response. Here the link.


May somebody can help me to fix this? :)



I love this framework!