Yii 1.1.13 - Need To Replace T. Alias?

Hey guys,

I upgraded Yii to 1.1.13 and went through the UPGRADE file, as always. The doc says:

Okay, I expected my code to fail where I had used “t.” but it didn’t. For example the following snippet works as before:

$fuelings = new CActiveDataProvider('Fuelings', array(

    'criteria' => array(

    'condition' => 't.VehicleID=' . $this->VehicleID,

    'with' => array('vehicle')


So, when exactly it’s does the “t.” alias fail and should be replaced?

I also confirmed that my existing code with a lot of ‘t.’ aliases works just fine with 1.1.13. :)

I believe that the changes in 1.1.13 won’t affect much of the user code, otherwise it would be a huge backward compatibility issue.

Yeah, I want to join Veseliq with his question.

UPGRADE text is not very clear and it needs further explanation, IMO.

I’m pretty sure this is only relevant if you use the onBeforeFind event.

You can read more here:


Thanks, yJeroen. :)