Yii: 1.1.12 Exception.chttpexception.404 For Action Spinnerdefault.png

For a specific action of my controller, when I call that action, Yii log shows me the following error:


My action gets called correctly and I see the correct page but this error is coming for no obvious reason and also it is not effecting any thing at all. I am unable to find the source from where "spinnerDefault.png" replaces my action which results in this error.

Any leads or ways to debug so that I could reach to the exact point from where "spinnerDefault.png" replaces my action!!!


Given the minimal information, my thoughts are:

  • Have you updated Yii when this problem started?

  • Are you calling a view that has a CGridView on it?

  • Are you calling a view that has some other java UI element?

  • Is that the ‘actual’ error, or have you modified it for posting here?

If you updated Yii, then you need to delete ALL the sub-dir in the /webroot/assets/ dir, and let them rebuild on the next call to the app()