Yii 1.1.11 + enableHistory + UTF-8 on cgridview


I got a case that maybe be a bug on Yii 1.1.11:

If “enableHistory” is enabled on a CGridView - the CGridView Filter submitted text isn’t sent correctly encoded on UTF-8.

If i disable this feature, the CGridView Filter works normally.

(All my project is UTF-8).

Can someone confirm that, please?

Thank you.

Try yii-1.1.12.b600af…

Hi Paresh,

thank you but, unfortunately, the same thing is happening with the new 1.1.12-x version. :(


Hi rodzadra,

I am unable to reproduce error for my Unicode Hindi site. May be problem with your Browser (Check topic)… Please check API Doc also.

If possible, please show me your link…