Yii 1.1.1 CAutocomplete doesn't work with zii CJui*

In version 1.1.1 stable CAutocomplete widget stops to work when a zii CJui widget is in the page.

Problem is in the new jquery-ui.js 1.8rc3 (and its relative jquery-ui-i18n.js) included with zii.

Replacing them with 1.7.2 stable versions made it works again.

Please solve this bug.


Could you please create a ticket for this? I think this is because JUI now includes the autocomplete in its package. So there may be conflict now.

Ticket #1013.

But, for now, what I’ve to do? I was developing on 1.1.1-dev and I’d like to be stable now.

Here is a patch for 1.1.1: