Yii 1.1.1 and 1.0.12 are released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are very excited to announce the stable release of Yii Framework v1.1.1 and v1.0.12!

The long-awaited 1.1.1 release is a major service pack to the previous 1.1.0 release. In this release, we fixed more than 20 bugs. We also included numerous new features, some of which are expected to further accelerate development speed using Yii. For example, the new CActiveForm widget allows developers to easily build HTML forms that support both client- and server-side validation by writing validation rules only once; The CGridView widget now supports filtering; And the Yii code generator tool will now generate the code implementing searching and filtering features. For the complete list of changes in this release, please see:



Upgrading to 1.1.1 may require a little effort. Please read the following upgrade guide for more details:


The 1.0.12 release is a maintenance release of 1.0 branch. It mainly includes a few minor bug fixes and features. Upgrading to this release from the earlier 1.0.x releases should be very safe. For the complete list of changes in this release, please see:



The Yii Developer Team

Awesome! Thanks for the great work.

Very Nice!! I really like the new features… Thank You Developer Team

Thanks very much!

Very good release. Thanks everyone.

defaut filter options in Grid View is amazing!!!

congratulations for this release, Yii team, I’ve appreciated the new features so much!!

now, just waiting for CRUD supporting the basic concept of composite primary key :)

this is good news !.. the view generated by crud are just great ! thanks and good job !!


thanks for your on-going efforts!

how is ajax update of CGridView working in 1.1.1.

i’m currently running a nightly build from 3/3, and it’s pretty flaky: sometimes it works, and sometimes you see the little swirling animation forever.

is it working in 1.1.1?

I can’t wait to test CActiveForm!!!

Congratulations to Qiang and the team!!!

I will never stop to say: If Yii is the best framework in the world "as is", just imagine future versions!!!

Good news! Thanks for release, lot of bugfixes & enhancements.

Yii is wonderful PHP framework for next-gen web apps.

Brilliant - I had just started work implementing ajax filtering & search myself under a 1.1.0 copy and was having a hard time getting it running as I wanted.

Making a new webapp & using yiic to generate new crud and it works beautifully, now just merging in my previous work and i’ll have saved many hours :)

good job!

thanks guys…


Qiang, many of us are using Yii in production systems.

I think I speak for everyone in saying you should not be including third-party RC code into your releases (jQuery UI). In addition, the 1.4.2 release of jQuery is incompatible with several popular plugins. The consequences are that an upgrade may introduce new unforeseen issues.

Perhaps you can also add a configuration option to toggle this behavior? Allow users to choose the jQuery version they wish to be used? Something in your config file:

'jQuery132' => true

Other than that, you’re awesome and I love you.



You can use other libraries than the included in Yii…

read this to do that:


I just upgraded from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1. I get an error saying that a column can not be found because I prefixed the column with the table name. After looking at the new blog tutorial I figured out the issue, then also found in the change log file this note:

Chg #796: The alias name for the primary table in a relational AR query is changed to be 't' (Qiang)

  1. Does this mean that the primary table in the ActiveRecord object has now been given an Alias of "t".

  2. Will any joined table still be referenced by the original table name?

Yes, after long wait… 1.1.1 is what I’m waiting for.

Some improvement idea :

  • Header & Column freeze

  • Hide/Display/Move Column on the fly.

  • Compound filter/search for range filter such as records from jan’01 to feb’31

Thank you all, great release !


Checking Yii out right now