Yii 1.1.0 is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are very excited to announce the stable release of Yii Framework v1.1!

This release marks a major milestone in the Yii framework development. It represents more than one year’s hard work of the developer team and the Yii community. We hereby thanks to everyone who supports and contributes to Yii.

In this release, we include numerous new features to the already powerful Yii framework. We added a PHPUnit-based testing framework so that developers can more easily write unit tests and functional tests; We added a form builder so that commonly used HTML forms can be built in terms of objects and thus enhance their reusability; We added support for changing skins for widgets globally; We also modified the way of performing relational ActiveRecord queries so that they are more intuitive and easier to use.

Besides all these core feature enhancements, in this release we also include a set of official Yii extensions (under the name of the zii project). In this library, users may find many useful and powerful extensions, such as the whole set jQuery UI widgets, data grid, list view, detail view, and so on. All these further help to further enhance your rapid development experience using Yii.

For a list of all features included in this release, please visit:



For information about how to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1, please visit:



If you are already using Yii 1.0 to develop your project which is about half-way done, we suggest you do not upgrade to 1.1 because there are quite some changes that break backward compatibility.

You just started a new project, we recommend you upgrade to 1.1 because it will receive most of our maintenance effort from now on. While we will continue to maintain 1.0, we expect it will only receive bug fixes in future.

If you are new to Yii, you should start with 1.1.

Feel free to raise questions in the forum if you encounter any problem with this new release.


The Yii Developer Team

Exciting news! Thanks and congratulations.

Very nice. Thanks qiang and everyone else involved!

I’m no expert at php or frameworks in general, still I say Yii is one of the best PHP frameworks out there when I look at other frameworks documentations or demo codes. Everything is so easy with Yii. No strange configuration with xml/ini, no strange model configuration… I just like it and hope this framework will get more popular.

By the way Yii is already the top ranked framework at phpframeworks.com (56 votes, avg. 4.71/5.00) :)

I Love Yii.

Thanks for the whole Yii Team. Now we are waiting for new look of website.

Excellent news! Thank you very much for your hard work!


Thanks and congratulations! …going to try it soon! :)

Good job guys.

thanks Master. thanks to the team as well.

Congratulations to all


Your work is really good…

Congratulations, great work !


Fantastic! just downloaded it!

thank you!


Nice to take part with it :slight_smile:

Keep it UP!

sweet! nice work qiang! :lol:

Congratulations. Thank you so much!

what about the 1.1 svn branch ? I’m working with Yii as an external repo and would like to do the same as my yii 1.0 projects:

$ mkdir vendor trunk tags branches

$ svn add vendor

$ svn propset svn:externals "yii http://yii.googlecode.com/svn/branches/1.0/framework/" vendor

We will keep working on trunk for the next two months or so and then create a 1.1 branch for maintenance purpose.

Qiang, great job. Thanks for your effort. I for one appreciate your work wholeheartedly.

That’s great news, congrats!

Timing is perfect, with testing framework addition I can start my project with 1.1 :)

@yiimann: you can do the same by setting your svn:externals to tags/1.1.0

Keep up the good job