yii 1.0.9

hi! i have a problem with this older version [1.0.9] of the framework. i need to use this coz a client strongly wants me to use this instead of the newer versions… is there any documentation of this version so i can get the widget names?. i need the widgets used in 1.0.9

in the download page there is only 1.0.12 can i still use 1.0.9’s widgets here?

in this page you can download the 1.0.9.

There is no a specific documentation for the 1.0.9, you can simply use the widget you need and, if you receive ‘class not exist exception’ it means the widget is not available.

Anyway I suggest you to use the last revision of 1.0, bacuse there is no real advantage in using 1.0.9 in place of 1.0.12, as backward compatibility is warranteed you have only less features.

i know but this certain client keeps on bugging me that he can’t upgrade his yii on his servers… even though there is a certain backward compatibility that even 1.1.x has.

That’s no true, you can find the documentation here.

Sorry for mistaking