Yii 1.0.9 is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are proud to announce the release of Yii Framework v1.0.9!

In this release, we fixed about a dozen of bugs and included more than twenty minor feature enhancements. In particular, we improved the performance of executing relational AR queries in a lazy way by avoiding unnecessary SQL JOINs. For a list of all enhancements and issues resolved in this release, please visit:




Upgrading to v1.0.9 should be safe except that you should pay attention to lazy loading related objects of an AR object. With the new change, the related table will no longer join with the primary table (since it already knows the primary key of it), you should avoid referencing the primary in the query options of the corresponding relation.


The Yii Developer Team


/docs/guide/changes.txt didn’t get updated. Is it fine?

This file mainly contains major changes that are documented in the guide. In 1.0.9 and perhaps all future 1.0.x versions, we should see little changes in this file.

I basicly just started with Yii and I’m really happy that the two bugs I posted are already in this release (well, small bugs - but anyway). It’s really nice that there is such a good and fast feedback from the core developers all the time and I’m glad I picked Yii as my first framework. Keep up the good work guys!

Greate! :)

Congratulations on v.1.0.9 to all of us :)

Fantastic!!! Congratulation Yii…

Thanks for your hard and amazing work!!!

Next is Yii v1.1.0 ? If so, when should it come?


1.1 will be first released as alpha. You can expect its arrival on the first days of October.

Alongside with it, 1.0 branch is still maintained, releasing a couple of bug fixes every month.

Enh #511: CHtml::activeCheckBox and activeRadioButton should respect the value attribute (Qiang)

In 1.0.8 it did not? :blink:

That’s cool:

Bug #522: array-like parameters in path info are not parsed correctly by CUrlManager (Qiang)

Enh #419: Improved the performance of lazy relational AR by avoiding joining when possible (Qiang)

Thanks! ;)