Yii 1.0.7 is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are proud to announce the release of Yii Framework v1.0.7!

In this release, we included nearly thirty minor feature enhancements and bug fixes. A list of all enhancements and issues resolved in this release can be found at:



Thanks to all those who helped with bugs/features and those who participated in the Yii documentation project. And special thanks aztech and e_t_k who completed the Polish translation of the Yii blog tutorial.


The Yii Developer Team


NOTE: We made a mistake in this release. That is the timestamp for every file and folder in this release was set as a future time. This may cause your APC or other server caching fail to cache the framework core files. On *nix, you can use command "find . -exec touch {} ; " to fix this problem. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Thanks for CLogFilter filter!!! This is simplifying trace and debug.

Great work :D

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As usual :)


Thanks  :)



excellent !



Cher qiang,

Kara qiang,

Dear qiang,

thanks for your work on Yii, which I'm very please to work with.

I've just downloaded the archive and uncompression tells me about

time stamp 2020-07-05 15:09:22 is 347083033.481628271 s in the future

Do you have some issue at home?

best regards


Yeah, I have the same issue.

oops,  I made a mistake when setting the timestamp on my virtual machine. Does the wrong timestamp of the release files cause any problem for you to use Yii?

Not much, but my ftp program think that the local yii is newer than that of the remote host, thus it is trying to transfer everything every time.

now my framework of choice for all my web development…i can’t wait for 1.1 ;)