Yii 1.0.6 is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are proud to announce the release of Yii Framework v1.0.6!

In this release, we included more than twenty feature enhancements and about ten bug fixes. Some of the major feature enhancements are summarized as follows.

We improved the yiic shell command so that it can generate model classes all at once for the tables in a database. In addition, the command also generates the relations it discovers in the tables. We enhanced the logging feature in several aspects, including logging context information and profiling of SQL executions. We implemented the support for using a controller action to display application errors. Last but not the least, we added CFileCache which allows to cache data in files.

A list of all issues resolved in this release can be found at:




The Yii Developer Team


NOTE Due to a release error, the yiilite.php file in the release was created incorrectly. If you are using yiilite.php in your application (most likely not), please download the one attached in this post.

Great news!

Thanks, Qiang, keep going!

Finally Yii will conquer the Universe.

I will try this release…Now!!! ;)


Good News


Thanks, Qiang.



Could you show the notification regarding yiilite at the homepage as well? It’d be great if newbies wouldn’t get disappointed due to this mistake.

Or, if nothing else works, is it possible to rerelease yii ( or something) with the corrected yiilite?

Or is it such a small problem that doesn’t deserve too much attention?

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: congratulations!

I noticed that the second link on the homepage is pointing to exactly the same page as the first link instead of the changelog.

thanks!!  :)

great !! Thanx !!


Bravo Qiang.

Just a small suggestion from Polish translation team. Could you (a day before) version release just send a note, that there will be new version introduced this and this day? This will help us to keep our translation at most up-to-date as possible.

E.g. for latest 1.0.6 some translations are not most up-to-date, because were not commited before new release.

These are some excellent features! I am already taking advantage of 2!

Keep it up Qiang.


Great work,Qiang!

I love this framework each day more…


You can’t imagine my hapiness!! :)))))

I was not waiting this release too early. Thanks!!

big Thanx

Great update…

It took me a while to find the fix for the yiilite bug.

Why do you think we're most likely not using yiilite.php?

It gives a great speed boost with APC enabled.

Sorry for the trouble…Did you do benchmark to compare yii and yiilite? Depending on your configuration, yiilite can be either slower or faster.

No problem  :)

I did no benchmark or anything but used it without APC and yiilite in production for a couple of days. Then switched to using it and i could feel the boost. ;D

I think i will do a benchmark just to be sure.

You guys, Qiang Xue and Wei Zhuo are GIANTS!!

May heaven bless you! Thanks for the framework!