Yii 1.0.4 is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are proud to announce the release of Yii Framework v1.0.4!

In this release, we included about thirty feature enhancements and more than twenty bug fixes. We continue to improve the powerful ActiveRecord (AR) implementation in Yii. In particular, we added support for using SQL Server with AR (thanks to Christophe for his generous contribution). We also added a so-called STAT relation to facilitate aggregational queries in AR. Moreover, we enhanced AR so that it can be used for tables without primary keys and foreign keys. We added several new components, including a validator to check the existence of input data in a table, a Zend Data cache component and an eAccelerator cache component, and a cache dependency represented in terms of a PHP exp​ression.

A list of all issues resolved in this release can be found at:


In this release, we continue to make progress with translation of Yii documentation. In particular, the translation of the Guide to Polish and Indonesian are close to finish. Thanks to those who participated in the yiidoc project:



The Yii Developer Team


Great!! Thanks a lot :)

Senk, good release

thanks qjang for the new release :) I’m very proud of your work :)

Excellent !! … the month only begins and yes, here is the new release ! Thanks to the dev team ;)


That's great Qiang.  Thanks for yours and the teams work!


Thanks Qiang! I was able to upgrade to 1.0.4 from 1.0.2 easily. Now it's back to work on porting my design site from rails to Yii!

Just a note,

if you use to do <? echo $this->widget(’…’)

you will get a error unable to convert to type string.

Just remove the echo.  I had echo $this->widget all over my code…doh!

now netbeans will stop complaining when i have an unmatch form tag! :)