Yii 1.0.10 and 1.1b on Snowleopard


Been using Yii for past 9 months on OSX Leopard with no issues. Upgraded to Snow leopard and Yii 1.0.9 based apps work fine. However when I upgrade to Yii 1.0.10 or Yii 1.1b things stop working. Even a blank project wont display the normal site/index page, rather I get a blank screen using either Safari or Firefox. Doesn’t give any errors just a blank page.

Any ideas??


best idea is to check the error logs of the web server you are using.

it probably give some clues

Thanks for the tip - should have thought of doing that :-[

The problem was that I had downloaded a zip version of the framework and when unzipped the file permissions are such that yii.php cannot be opened by web server. When I download and unarchive the tar.gz version the problem is resolved.

Thanks :)