Yii 1.0.0 is released

Dear Yii Folks,

We are proud to announce that the first stable release of Yii is now available!

Thank you all for your feedback, suggestions and help during Yii's public testing period. We believe this release has reached to a state that allows Yii to be used in a production environment. And we are committed to ensure backward compatibility in future service packs.

In this release, we added many minor enhancements and fixed a few issues that were found in the previous RC release, including

  • added four new components: CTabView, CStarRating, CUploadedFile, CFileValidator
  • enhanced several components with new minor features
  • fixed five reported issues

Complete change log may be found at the download page.

Note, if you are upgrading from the RC version, please pay attention to the following changes:

  • CLinkPager is changed significantly in both the appearance and the generated HTML code.
  • CController::clientScript is removed. Please use Yii::app()->clientScript instead.
  • CClientScript is changed. The methods registerBodyScript() and

    registerBodyScriptFile() are removed. Please use registerScript() and

    registerScriptFile() with appropriate position parameter.

Please report to us any issues you find with this release.

Thank you very much!

The Yii Developer Team


Congratulations!  This framework is really growing on me.  I decided there is no need to use a framework that supports php4 anymore (cough CakePHP) and Yii seems the best option :)  Obviously the php5 only features really make the framework better all around.

Great work, congrats! Thank you for your commitment to this lovely framework. Although I'm still a newbie for Yii, it already feels so much more flexible and superior compared to my former framework of choice (cough CI). You show that real OOP in PHP5 is the way to go indeed!

Congratulations. Yii will probably be my choice for my next project.

Is the documentation updated according to this new release?

Great news !! I'm gonna try it and dive into the docs, thanx all the team for that very goooood work!!

Congrats, Excellent work !

Thank you very much, qiang. I am very impressed with your work.

That's really great! I'm following your work for the last 2 months - you're doing great!

I really like this framework and going to stay with it and contribute :)

Qiang & Crew (not sure of all the devs), I too have been following and experimenting for the past few months and am impressed with the level of documentation, flexibility and foresight in Yii.  I was able to convert a basic website in a very short time, and it was even easier than CI !!  Learning jQuery and some of the plugins used took the longest! :P

Thanks for all your efforts, and here’s to continued growth to Yii :D

Great news !! … congratulation to all the Dev team for this excellent work.


Great work guys, Thanks.

I am finding the Yii framework very flexible and easy to use.

Wow! I really like Yii.

It feels very natural.

As the senior developer for the company i work for i was planning for a rewrite of the back-end services starting in january.

I think i found the perfect framework for this.