Yicc Not Recognize As External Or Internal Command. Oerablw Program Or Batch File


i am new in yii framework .want to use configure yii framework on windows 7.Can any one help me to solve this problem

‘yicc’ not recognize as external or internal command. operable program or batch file.

php version is php5.3.13

wamp server version 2.2

path for yii framework is c:/wamp/yii/framework

want to create application at c:/wamp/www/yiitest.

please guide step by step to configure yii framework and give commands for creating application by cmd.

Thanks in advance!

In case you haven’t solved this yet.


[*]open a command prompt (cmd.exe)

[*]> cd /D c:\wamp\www\

[*]> c:\wamp\yii\framework\yiic.bat webapp yiitest


et voila! Did it work?