Yes, I do Yii and everything WWW

I’m Tudor, a computer engineer, 32, based in Romania.

I’ve been doing:

  • Linux since 2000

  • PHP since 2005, along with frontend stuff: Mootools, jQuery, semantic web, XHTML, CSS (hacks and workarounds for the dreaded IE6, CSS sprites, rounded corners and everything else)

  • Joomla until I discovered Yii in 2010

I care about web site optimisation, in terms of W3C conformance, performance adjustments (such as HTML/CSS/JS minification and gzip compression)

I am able to perform on-site SEO by doing keyword research, adding proper title and meta tags, as well as designing semantic layouts (mostly with YUI CSS grids from Yahoo).

From my POV, Yii has great flexibility without getting in the way, and the way it is build enforces good practices in programming.

Besides from moving from Joomla to Yii, I believe that coding PHP strict was one of the greatest steps towards a truely professional way of programming.

Here’s some of the stuff I work(ed) on:


Yii xrelationbehavior @Yii extensions[/b]

[b][url=""]A wiki article with complete code for application driven database table and columns generation


a classifieds website built by me with Yii (Google-translated from Romanian)

This website features:

  • social login and registration(right now it supports Yahoo and Facebook), AJAX picture upload, porter stemmer powered search algo, automatic ads expiration, YUI(Yahoo user interface) based XHTML "fluid" layout(960-1200px wide).

  • SEO urls based on classified titles.

  • SEO urls for images, also based on classified title and an image hash

  • In the footer you may notice some keywords which are generated by self-optimization(when an user comes from a search engine, the site auto-updates to include that specific query, thus reinfocing its relevance)

Xupload Yii extension by Asgaroth, born from my initial code and an IRC discussion, my personal tech blog

Of course, all this mad passion for web development comes with a starting price: 20 EUR / hour (that’s about 29 USD).

Oh, and I’m pretty bad at estimating timeframes, but be assured that I’m a hard worker and will do as much as I can to fullfill our agreements.


Thank you, please reply through private message.[/b]

P.S.: I’d also like to thank forum members for their useful suggestions regarding this post.

I would take that out if you’re looking for employment. :huh:

I am looking for employment, and I value honesty :)


I too like your way of thinking and stating honestly not only the good points but even the bad one… but…

again someone can decide not to contact you becasue of that line… so you can be honest completely but when stating one bad point add a good one next to it

for example something like

It’s still the same line, you are still honest… but this one is more positive…

btw… if you are looking to get new jobs… it would be good for you to post a link to your site where the best of your work can be seen…

Thank you for your advice, I updated the post.

Hi can you send me some reference job what you did in the past. Thanks Janos

on here pm or