Xupload xdr-transport 'Not Found'

  • I am using the current version of XUpload - 0.5.1

  • My Yii version is 1.1.15

I have been trying to get the XUpload extension to work in a new project but (I assume) the cors/jquery.xdr-transport.js asset is telling me that the file is ‘Not Found’. I placed the location of the ‘uploads’ directory at the DocumentRoot and the Yii portion of the website is in a sub-directory of the DocumentRoot. I am using the stock extension and my controller has:

	public function actions()


		return array(



				'path'=>Yii::app()->basePath . '/../../uploads',

				'publicPath'=> '/uploads',

				'secureFileNames' => true,




I have confirmed that the resulting path and publicPath are correct and the uploaded file is inside the uploads/{datestamp}/ subdirectory as expected.

Any help would be appreciated.