Xtreme Football Net for XBOX360 and PS3 Madden Online Franchises

Xtreme-Football.net provides the ultimate free online league experience for Madden gamers on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Sourcing game data from the EA online franchise website, we provide an authentic NFL look and feel.

With secure registration, secure log-in, and the ability to view, join, and receive invites for all leagues using the xtreme-Football.net service.

Your league’s homepage provides space for your own league banner, an up-to-date scoreboard ticker, easy to navigate menus for all statistical tracking, and customizable content widgets. Embed content such as videos, images, chat boxes, RSS feeds, links to your own website, and much more.

Game results are listed in a clean format – displaying quarter by quarter scoring, team records, and top performers. With user-friendly navigation functionality, you can track results from every week of every season of league play.

A full statistical break-down is provided for every game played. All passing, receiving, rushing, defensive, special teams, and team statistics are displayed accurately.

The Game Recaps tab allows you to let everyone in your league know what happened in the game. Show off your writing skills!

Easily navigate to any team in your league, and view their team profile. Analyze their schedule and results, their roster and depth charts, their league rankings and many other stats.

The team profile page also comes with a team blog section. Each team owner can provide content that relates to their team…breaking news, injuries, trades, player releases and acquisitions. Let your creativity shine.

Each team blog is kept track of on the league homepage news widget. With just a simple click, you can read the full blog and make comments.

Search for any player in the game, even retired players. Search by position, by name, with sortable fields.

Every player in your league has their own player profile. Analyze their measurables, their full attributes, check their gamelogs, their season and even their career stats.

Football is a game of numbers. Xtreme-Football.net provides an unparalleled statistical world. Individual leaders in rushing, receiving, passing, defense, special teams, even offensive line. Menu filters allow you to view past season leaders, week to week leaders, full regular season or post-season leaders. All statistics are displayed in tables with sortable fields.

The top-ranked players in each statistical category are presented here for quick access. You can also use this information to display in a widget on your homepage.

It doesn’t stop there! Every week of every season, we give you the players of the week. The top performer on offense and defense is displayed, which you can further filter down by AFC or NFC only or league-wide. You can use this information to build your own MVP award.

Not only are individual player stats deep, but also team stats. You can view a snapshot of the team league leaders in various categories, and with just a click can analyze each category in full with sortable fields.

With that authentic NFL feel, view your league’s standings season by season, by division, conference or by league. A full break-down is provided with division, conference, non-conference, home and away records. All fields are sortable.

Dispute in your league about who really are the better teams and divisions? Using our own formula, the Power Rankings page is the place for you. View every team’s strength of schedule, or their weekly ranking change.

Aside from the deep user-functionality and features, Xtreme-Football.net also provides league commissioners with a wide range of administrative options. Invite friends to your league, accept/reject requests to join your league, update team owners, and more.

Communication is important in every league. Send private messages or global messages and updates, promote members to administrative roles, or manage your user-created league content and blogs.

All in all, Xtreme-Football.net is the place to combine and centralize all of your Madden online franchise needs. With constant upgrades, dedicated hosting, and many more features to come in the future, we look forward to welcoming you to our happy and growing community. Powered By YII!!!!

Very great site!

Did you use one of Yii’'s CMS?

wow … very impressive !! great job !!

wow im really really impressed great Job :huh: :huh: :huh:

Nice job indeed. :)

I just checked: you are using Yii - and it’s impressive that you’re only using one single asset directory. :)

Besides the fact that the site itself is approaching eye-candy.

It would be great if you could tone down your marketing speak a bit and tell us how you did the site. ;)

I didn’t get this… What do you think with “one single assets directory” ?

Never mind, Mdomba. Need some more coffee, I guess. :P

Anyway, I looked at the source and it looks like Yii. They are only using one script, so only one asset directory (in the source).

That doesn’t mean that they only have that one, though. Move along… B)


now that the site works… would be a good time to make these URL a bit more user (and SEO) friendly…

Hey guys thanks for the comments. This is my first large scale web app. I went to school for Computer Science and graduated last December. I really like web development so in the past year i taught myself how to program in Perl, PHP, Javascript … I had to also learn html, css. I’m still learning good design patterns but Yii is AMAZING!!!

About Having SEO friendly URLs, i’m going to do that once i’m done building the whole app.

I created my own one. Its very simple. Are you familiar with the user management page of the old myspace? Its similiar to that, lots of text areas to enter content, etc.

yea i know :( … i’m still learning the framework. I can’t believe i started learning Zend.

I kept things very simple since Its my first ever large scale web app.

About the site, i started building it in late August. We play a Football game called Madden but the franchise site offered by EA Sports to check our league’s stats is very simple, the stats are not very in depth and they don’t keep track of the stats for the live of the franchise, just the current season.

The EA Franchise sites use AJAX and the requests return xml. It was easy to use the http client component by ZEND to remotely login and connect to the site to make all the requests to obtain the gamelogs for games played.

Here is my simple dir structure

I keep my actions, filters, xml parsers and Zend components away from the main app directory, this was done because i was thinking of getting somebody to help me with the site and i didn’t want that person to look at what i call “the most important code”. But then i learned that people can write a script to get the contents of all the files in my server so i just didn’t bother to get help :(.

main app dir

What do you mean by "people can write a script to get the contents of all the files in my server"? .svn thing?

Sorry for not being very technical but here is an article that references what i meant in my post (focus on the "Browsing with PHP" section). http://shiflett.org/articles/shared-hosting

I see. I thought about this one first: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/09/25/svn-strikes-back-a-serious-vulnerability-found/

btw., good shared hosting providers are using chroot so noone can browse your source.

Very good application pcs… amazingly well done… Nevertheless, I have to be honest… I personally hate the chat widget in there… :)

Great man… congratulations

Thanks, i hate it too. The reason for the chat is that Each league admin has the ability to modify their layout anyway way they want, this is the reason why the league pages look somewhat different for each league.

I see. I was planning to give ftp access to the xtreme-football.net dir to somebody to help me but then i realize anybody with access to that dir can browse my files starting at the root of my account.

If you’re planning to have someone help you, don’t you think they should be able to see what they’re helping out with?

About people and permissions:

There is no way people can mess with the file system, unless you have set permissions to 777.

That’s simply not possible. :)

The only way it can happen is if you’re using a regular un-encrypted FTP connection while working on the site.

Then malicious personage can sniff your username and password easily, and thus gain total access.

The rule is: use SFTP whenever possible.

If your host is not offering SSH access, you can’t trust that the source is safe. ;)

It happened to me on Dreamhost once, and after changing all shell passwords and start using SFTP, it hasn’t happened since then.