Hy there,

I'm just getting into yii and want to have my own XmlMessageSource. Therefore I have 2 questions:

1.) Where should i put the CXmlMessageSource.php - File? Is it correct to put this file under /www/protected/components/messages/CXmlMessageSource.php?

2.) How can i change the application configuration to use this file? Just tried to add the following code to config/main.php, but that didn't work out:

'messages' => array(

     'class' => 'messages/CXmlMessageSource',


It says:

Cannot redeclare class CXmlMessageSouce”, just at it would have been loaded before?

Thanks for your suggestions,


You may put XmlMessageSource under protected/components. Then in app config, use the following code:




Thanks a lot, this worked out very well. Yii is just great!