XML-RPC as database

In my company, all data requests come from XML-RPC instead of database. Can I create an extension and use it as a db? If yes, my models must be CFormModel or CActiveRecord? Remember that each command returns different "fields" and can not put the parameters directly in the class.

Any idea how to implement this?

You probably can extend CFormModel or CModel. I guess the main methods that you will need are something like find, insert and update.

Looking at the Yii structure, I saw that I use the CFormModel or the CModel as you spoke. But in my case I did not have the functions of find / insert / update … I will have something like: getStateOfBoard() and it return status OK, uptime until XXX. The status and uptime will be attributes of model. But other method in model can return different values. I will study better how implement this.