Xheditor Toolbar

Hi everyone,

For mailing functionality, I have used "xheditor". Now I want to remove some tools from toolbar of it like "About us" or "Smileys".

Please give your thoughts ASAP.

For reference please go through attached file.

I got solution by adding ‘tools’ property we can set as many tools as we want.


still I want to remove "About Us" button placed in last in above attachment.

Is there any one who can guide me that how to remove "About Us". Because in "About Us" popup everything written for XHEditor tools, which is not looks good in live project.

Please give your suggestions.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Finally found the solution… ::)

We can remove the "about us" code from its js file and then remove the assets folder and reload the page.

If you only remove the the code from js file then it wont work because it is loading from assets folder.


Its not working for me

Please try it after deleting "assets" folder from the cache.

By this way, we remove Smiles and Copyright parts, when tool is SIMPLE

function removeEmosAndCopyFromTextEditor(){

    var setremoveEmosAndCopyFromTextEditor = setInterval(function(){

            $( ".xheTool span:nth-child(n+23)" ).remove();

    }, 10);





$( document ).ready(function() {