X2Enginecrm - Open Source Crm Version 4.2

Hello Yii Community,

We are proud to release Yii Powered, X2Engine CRM - Marketing Automation and Sales Force CRM application.

See live demo here: My link

Release updates include:

X2Engine has reached another milestone in its release history with our latest announcement of the availability of version 4.2 of our open source CRM software, which includes marketing automation, sales force automation, process management framework, and service case management features.

This release, like all X2Engine versions, is available as an open source CRM application as well as in two commercial versions available in both cloud and download editions.

Key Features of X2 Engine CRM:

Web 2.0 Optimized Responsive UI

Contact Web Tracking

Anonymous Web Activity Tracking with X2Identity Browser Fingerprinting

Web and Facebook Lead Capture Form Designer with Automatic HTML Embed Code Generator

HTML Targeted Content

Newsletter Recipient List

Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring and Intelligent Lead Routing

Contact Activity Overview and Management

Team Tasks and Actions

Time Tracking, Call Logging, Event Scheduling

Shared Team Calendar

Workflow Engine

Data Import and Export

Email Correspondence

Email and Quote templates

Record Tagging Cloud System

Products Sales Quotes and Invoices

Customer Service Case Management

User Profile Home Pages with Modular Widgets

Data Field Security, Team User Roles and Permissions

Both Cloud and On-Premise Optimized Options

Mobile Layout with Responsive UI

Large Scale Marketing Campaign Management

X2Studio Application Customization

Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, and Business Automation with X2Flow

X2Engine Authorized Partner Program for Qualified Resellers

Drag and Drop Process Pipeline


Activity Feed Summary Email Digest

X2Engine 4.2 Updates:

User Profile 2.0

New Calendar Functionality

Permissions 2.0

Mass Updater

X2Flow Additions

Preset Import Maps


Profile Widgets and Custom Layout: Create a Personalized Dashboard

The profile page in X2Engine is the home base of operations for users of the open source CRM company’s software. In this area, users can view, at a glance, all the most recent activity within the app, as well as a summary and quick insight into all the records in their CRM. With X2Engine v4.2, these widgets have become vastly more configurable. Each widget can have its own unique, persistent filter settings, which can be configured to display most recent records created, upcoming actions, accounts in a certain region, or filters matching any other attribute criteria available. Widgets based on the same module can be duplicated, so setting many different criteria for the same data is now possible. This can offer a helpful insight into viewing data, says the company. The profile page widget suite now also includes an embedded website viewer. This allows users to connect an external site to their X2Engine profile by adding a widget with a web URL directly onto the home page layout.

Calendar Functionality Enhancements: Collaborative Scheduling

“A shared Calendar is a big part of a collaborative team’s effectiveness,” claims X2Engine. The open source CRM application’s Calendar module is designed to connect the individuals in a company so they can more effectively work as a team. The Calendar module helps make scheduling collaborative and open. In X2Engine 4.2 version, users can now jump straight to the Day View of any date by clicking on the day. Additionally, there is now an hourly Grid for scheduling events in the Week View, and Start and End times are now displayed in the title of the event. Descriptions of Calendar events has become richer as well. The latest update sees the introduction of both Event Type as well as an Event Status dropdown menus. These menus are fully customizable and could be used to convey important information about the nature of the scheduled event. The Calendar may now be converted to an ICS format display, useful for integrating with Apple iCal.

User Permissions 2.0: An Intuitive Overhaul

User Role Access is a crucial part of data security in X2Engine. The interface for permissions settings has been remodeled in 4.2 in order to provide more intuitive controls and greater manageability. The all-new grid based permissions system allows users to implement nuanced controls and visualize exactly who can do what. The power to grant users the ability to View, Create, Update, or Delete records on a module by module basis is now controlled through simple on or off switches in a gridded format.

Mass Updater Improvements: Select All Records

The Grid View in X2Engine 4.2 gives users the ability to perform a mass update on all the records in their database. Selecting all records in a given module and updating or even deleting them all is now possible. This selection is sensitive to the filters entered into the column headers, which provides the framework to do a large scale cull or update of many records all at the same time. The company warns users to be careful, however. Record deletion and modification in X2Engine cannot be reverted.

New X2Flow Criterion: Tagging Becomes Even More Powerful

The marketing automation and sales force automation power of X2Flow is one of the most exciting parts of the application for many X2Engine users, according to the company. As requested by a large number of those users, in X2Engine version 4.2 there is now greater control over the attribute checking on records at certain points of an automation sequence, leveraging the utility of the tagging system in X2Engine. Whether at the flow trigger or in an attribute conditional, it is now possible to evaluate whether a record has certain tags.

Preset Import Maps: Get Data into X2Engine Open Source CRM More Easily.

Transitioning from one CRM to another has traditionally been a trouble spot for many CRM users. X2Engine is hopeful they can alleviate some of these issues for users attempting to migrate to their open source crm or professional and platinum editions. In version 4.2, migrating data is made easier by preset import maps. Fields from other CRM systems are automatically and correctly mapped to data fields in X2Engine using a preset import map. The company has stated that these import maps will be expanded and added to in future releases.