X2Engine Sales CRM 5.0 - Open Source CRM X2CRM

Hello Yii Community. We are proud to release, Yii powered X2Engine Sales CRM version 5.0. X2CRM.

See: www.x2engine.com

Demo: demo.x2engine.com

X2Engine v5.0 Features and Upgrades

Integrated Email Client

An integrated ​Email Client awaits users of 5.0, doing away with the necessity of switching back and forth between your email inbox and your CRM. This feature will be an expansion upon the one-way email correspondence previously available, offering shared outboxes and inboxes – particularly useful for shared email accounts like support or newsletter addresses. This new integrated email client will supersede the email dropbox functionality of previous X2Engine versions.

UI Facelift

X2Engine 5.0 knows how to make an Entrance. From the first sight of the login screen, the new theme capabilities make an impression. Our new profile theme tools make it more intuitive than ever to revamp the look of your CRM and help it fit into your branding identity. Play with the theme settings in your user preferences, found by clicking your username up in the top right corner.

Importer 3.0

Getting up and running with a new CRM can be a challenge. When beginning to use a new system, you want to have your own data in there so you can start using the system! The update to version 5.0 will include an overhauled, intelligent record ​importer ​with automatic field detection. And, if you’re migrating from another CRM, you can use our new pre-built field map. Just select your previous CRM and all the fields of your .csv file exported from that system will be pre-mapped to their corresponding X2Engine field names.

Enhanced Reporting

Reporting in X2Engine will be re​vamped for this release. New report styles, including the popular Rows & Columns report and new Summation tools will allow in-depth analytics, giving you the tools to investigate your customer demographics. Use Drill-Down columns to get a closer look at a subset of your data. Generate insightful reports and save them for intervallic updates periodically. Craft important information into a regular report and print it for your next presentation, or export your reports to a .CSV.

Module Deep Rename

The ability to rename modules has always existed in X2Engine, but thus far, the ability has remained superficial. However, with v5.0 we are introducing deep renaming of modules, with all references to the module being fully replaced with your custom name, including in actionable events, dropdown menus, and relationships.


X2Graph Relationship Visualizer

Visualize and analyze your CRM data like never before. The new interactive relationship graph provides the insight and understanding that only a visual graph can provide. Sort and select relationships to single out and display, filter based on relationship types, or create new relationships on the fly. Give your sales force the insight to see who is who within an organization.

​​​Duplicate remover and Record Merge

Another pesky issue for CRM users is the issue of duplicate records. X2Engine v5.0 will introduce an enhanced duplicate record checker to identify and remove duplicate contacts, accounts, and more. Additionally, this release will feature a merge tool, allowing you to pick and choose details from multiple records and merge them into a single record, including call logs, emails, interaction history, relationships, and more.

​Advanced Security Tools

Administrators already have complete control over their users’ level of record access, permissions to edit or update data, and group memberships. In v5.0, X2Engine introduces advanced security tools give you even more control over data protection, allowing you to ban or whitelist IP addresses accessing your system.

​​​Industry Solutions – X2Packager

The ability to customize X2Engine has been one of the most powerful traits of this CRM. The ability to extend and adapt the system to any industry vertical is a now even more powerful with X2Packager. Design your own custom environment and package it up for deployment. Choose from a number of standard X2Engine packages or build out and distribute your own.

​​​Inline Editing

Faster record updating means a faster sales force. Giving users the power to edit records on the fly will streamline your sales software and make your team more efficient. This new ability will save you time and allow you to save your data quickly, so you can get right to the important business of your customer relationships.

Nice work

Fuck to paid services.

What about writting your own piece of software and give it free?
There is nothing wrong with someone earning from his efforts!

@x2zulu is this [still] an opensource? If not, I think your title is misleading. If it is, it will be nice to mention where are the sources found