X2Engine Open Source Crm V2.0

We are proud to announce X2CRM 2.0 - Yii powered Open Source CRM, Sales Force Management Application. BSD Licensed like Yii.

http://www.x2engine.com to download or to create a trial cloud server.

X2CRM 2.0 Key Features:

Web 2.0 Speed Optimized User Interface

Web and Facebook Lead Capture Form Designer

Newsletter Generator

Lead Nurturing, Scoring and Intelligent Routing

Contact Activity Management

Sales Process Workflow Engine

Email Correspondence

Product and Sales Quotes

User Profile Pages and Activity Streams

Custom User Role Designer

Field Security, Roles and Sales Teams

Visual Form Editor for Admins

Reporting Dashboard

iPad and Mobile Apps

Run in the Cloud or on your Servers

Selected Features

Web Lead Capture

X2CRM allows both sales and marketing professionals to easily create web lead capture forms in a graphical form editor. Web lead forms can be versioned, tagged with special attributes and customized with user specified colors and font styles. The editor generates special, embeddable HTML that users can paste into their website, similar to a Youtube video.

Email Marketing

X2CRM’s Marketing module allows users to easily create contact lists, write an email promotion and then send it to the selected contacts. All emails are trackable, showing if the recipient opened or unsubscribed. Campaigns work with X2CRM’s email server or with third party email applications.


The Newsletter module is both a web capture and email newsletter generator. With a website newsletter sign-up widget, names and email addresses are collected. Newsletters can easily be written and sent to this newsletter list, and interested recipients can be converted into contacts. Newsletters are a great method for establishing relationships with hesitant prospects.

Contact Management

With X2CRM’s ultra fast, Web 2.0 user interface design, sales force professionals can quickly navigate larger contact lists, send emails, create product quotations and manage contacts through custom sales processes workflows.


Included in the Professional edition is a custom report grid and chart builder. Sales and Marketing professionals can create, save and share custom reports from any module in the system, including everything from user activity and lead status to sales pipeline forecasting.


Special attention has been paid to keeping X2CRM compact in design. However, there are times when customizing the application to specific business requirements allows companies to create an advantage. X2Studio is a completely visual customization administration tool, that allows administrators to modify any module in the system. This includes adding or removing fields, changing page layouts and creating completely new modules from scratch. All without any programming knowledge.