X2Engine Marketing And Sales Crm 4.1.7 Released

Hello Yii community,

We are proud to release X2Engine CRM 4.1.7 - our Marketing Automation, Sales & Service application powered by Yii framework.


X2Engine Dev Team,

Santa Cruz, CA



Welcome to X2Engine! X2Engine is a next-generation, open source marketing automation, sales and service application for medium sized businesses. X2Engine was designed to streamline marketing and sales actions into one compact blog-style user interface. Add to this contact and colleague social feeds and sales representatives become smarter and more effective resulting in increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Customer Contact Screenshot - live demo

X2Flow Workflow Engine Screenshot - live demo

New in 4.1 (see CHANGELOG for full history): X2Engine Github Repository.


Process module:

Powerful new "pipeline" view with drag and drop functionality, showing the combined deal value in each stage

Sales process stage colors can be customized by the end user

New X2Flow triggers and actions for extending Process with powerful automation capabilities

X2Identity 2.0:

View anonymous website visitors and their browser fingerprint parameters

See when anonymous visitors return to your website

2nd-generation REST API (new):

Leads module (new)

Record basic contact information before it becomes a legitimate potential sale

Convert to an opportunity with a button press when ready

Activity Feed:

Digest emails: get periodic emails notifying you of what’s happening in your CRM

New dedicated activity feed page

CSV importer:

New feature enabling users to save and re-use import field mappings

Performance improvements and bug fixes

User management:

New password reset feature

New username change feature

Full support for multiple assignment in the permissions system

Email Templates:

Support added for many modules (including custom modules), where previously only contacts and quotes were supported

Template variable replacement added for the "To" field

User setting for default email template to use for each module

General Changelog / Developer Notes:

Fixed layout issue: unauthenticated users can see "Top Contacts" and "Recent Items" portlets, in addition to broken links in the top bar

Fixed security loophole: if session expires, the client with the cookie would still be able to make one last successful request to the server

The permissions system has been revamped to properly handle multiple assignment and group-wide visibility settings

Fixed bug: rollback deletes preexisting linked records

Fixed bug (Professional Edition): recurring VoIP notification popups

Fixed bug: empty contact list when using "primary contact" campaign generator from Accounts

Fixed bug: Upon deletion, a user’s actions and contacts were not all getting properly reassigned.

Fixed bug: import fails silently when "DO NOT MAP" specified for an attribute

Performance improvements to the model importer (previously was taking as long as ~2s/record on systems with very large datasets)

Fixed bug: deleting a dropdown without updating fields that reference it breaks grid views

Contacts with empty names now get "#{id}" name link in grid view

Fixed bug causing role exceptions to be applied to incorrect stages.

Fixed bug preventing deal reports from being filtered by Account.

Fixed a bug preventing filters from working in the Actions list view.

Fixed issue with phone numbers not being rendered from the grid view.

Fixed phone number field formatting issue

Fixed updater bug: unnecessary catching of suppressed errors in requirements check script