X2Engine Crm

We are proud to release Yii powered, X2Engine CRM 4.1. http://www.x2engine.com.

X2Engine Inc. today announced the general availability of X2engine version 4.1, the follow up to the initial 4.0 release of its next generation open source CRM, sales force, business marketing automation, and service application for large and small businesses alike in both cloud and download editions.

Key Features of X2CRM:

Web 2.0 Speed Optimized User Interface

Web Tracker and X2Identity Browser Fingerprinting

Web and Facebook Lead Capture Form Designer

Automatic HTML Web Form Embed Code Generator

HTML Targeted Content Specific to Individual Customers

Newsletter Recipient List

Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring and Intelligent Lead Routing

Contact Activity Management

Team Tasks and Actions

Time Tracking, Call Logging, Event Scheduling

Shared Team Calendars and Event Information

Sales Process Workflow Engine

Data Import and Export

Email Correspondence

Email and Quote templates

Documents module for shared productivity

Media and Media widgets

Record tag cloud

Products and Sales Quotes/Invoices

Customer Service Case Management

User Profile Home Pages with Modular Widgets

Universal Activity and Event Streams

Custom User Role Designer

Data Field Security, Team Roles and Permissions

Visual “No Code” Content Form Editor for Administrators

Both Cloud and On-Premise Optimized Options Mobile Layout with Responsive UI

Large Scale Marketing Campaign Management

Social Intranet Capability for Sales Teams

X2Studio Application Customization

Marketing, Sales Force, and Complete Business Automation with X2Flow

Full suite of products including Open Source, Professional, and Platinum editions

X2Client Services including Administrative Training, Developer Support, and Business Integration Consultancy

Default Themes and Partner Branding

X2Engine Authorized Partner Program for Qualified Resellers

X2Engine 4.1 Updates:

Drag and Drop Process Pipeline

X2Identity 2.0 Web Tracker and Browser Fingerprinting

X2Flow Automation upgrades, Process Integration

New Leads Module

HTTP-based REST-ful API for interfacing with 3rd party software

Publisher widget filter additions

Email templates for additional modules including Accounts

Automated password reset and username recovery process

Activity Feed Summary Email Digest

Dedicated Activity Feed for mobile layout

Process Pipeline and Sales Funnel: Drag and Drop User Interface with Colorful Customization Options

Process stages have been completely redesigned for X2Engine v4.1. The latest edition of the company’s open source CRM and process management system includes an all new pipeline view. This is a completely new way to visualize sales and marketing processes in X2Engine. Users may view contacts, opportunities, accounts, and other X2Engine modules in all phases of a business workflow. The new pipeline view, the company says, makes it easier for users to convert records from Lead to Customer, from Prospect to Partner. An intuitive interface displays the deal value of each of the clients in each stage of the process, and additional time filters allow users to view a financial forecast of upcoming business deals. Additionally, the updated process module means users can color code the numerous stages in their own business practices with the pipeline stage color editor. The module allows the creation of a gradient of hues to highlight various process stages and brings a new level of visual insight into sales.


X2Flow Process Integration: Automate Business Work Flow Stages

X2Engine 4.1 sees the introduction of Process stages as both triggers and flow actions in the X2Flow business automation system. Automated CRM processes will be a big boon to improving efficiency for sales, marketing, and service departments. Process stage status changes are now available as triggers to set off a series of required actions assigned to sales teams, for example. Or users can set X2Flow actions to update process stages and escalate it to customer service department teams. As with everything in X2Flow, the power of CRM automation is vast and open to countless variations.

Leads module: Pursue Potential Deals

X2Engine 4.1 includes an entirely new module: Leads. This module allows users to include basic contact and account information before the lead becomes a legitimate potential sale. When it becomes appropriate, leads can be converted into a sales opportunity, providing the avenue for clear and useful documentation of moving a lead through the sales pipeline process.

X2Engine’s 2nd generation REST-ful API: An HTTP-based API with numerous improvements

The application programming interface (API) in X2Engine v4.1 has been redesigned and overhauled to produce a better and more capable system of communicating with third party software. This new REST-ful API (the most common protocol on the web) standardizes X2Engine fields and makes it easier to connect to apps like Zapier. Thanks to this new class of API, Zapier integration with X2Engine is on the immediate horizon. See http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference for more information.

Activity Feed email summary digest: The news of the day in an email inbox

The activity feed on a user’s profile page shows a lot of information. Calendar events, new leads, contact web activity, email correspondence, and much more. In X2Engine 4.1 users can have this information sent directly to their inboxes. Each user has the ability to create an automated email summary of the day’s events, selecting which stories they would like to hear about, and have it periodically sent out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The company says this email digest will help users absorb a greater wealth of information related to the daily operations of their business.

X2Identity 2.0 Web Tracking and Browser Fingerprinting

X2Engine’s traditional web tracker uses cookie-based web tracking code, installed by a contact submitting a web form or clicking a tracking link. X2Identity uses in-house developed browser fingerprinting as a supplement and alternative method to the cookie-based web tracker. Browser fingerprinting is based on certain browser settings and attributes that make them unique. If browser fingerprinting is enabled, the tracker will attempt to identify a contact based on their browser settings. X2Identity will create a list of matched browser fingerprints, allowing the tracking and management of contacts who have not submitted a web form. Additionally, X2Identity provides access to a list of anonymous contacts. Anonymous contacts are created upon submission of a newsletter form, or when a user who has not yet been associated with a browser fingerprint visits a page embedded with the web tracker. Once these anonymous contacts submit the web lead form, their lead score and activity history will be migrated over to an ordinary contact record.