X2Engine CRM, Yii Powered Contact Management App

We just posted X2Engine beta 7 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM). New in this build is a REST api and a new Web Lead Capture form plus a ton of bug fixes. We are looking at an early December GA after we complete a few more marketing and workflow features. Stay tuned…we welcome your feedback.



Github: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine

Demo Server here: http://www.x2engine.com/live-demo-server/

Hi! nice app, congrats!

I could log in on http://demo.x2engine.com/index.php/site/login as Sales Representative, but got the error when tried admin


Property "Admin.ignoreUpdates" is not defined.


Thanks for bringing that to our attention. There was a slight bug in the script that refreshes the demo server, but it’s been resolved now.

i get

Create Contact

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ProfileChild::getSocialMedia() in C:\wamp\www\x2engine\protected\views\contacts\_form.php on line 37

sory i saw the fix on your forum… keep up the good work

Wow this looks great! For the style, I would recommend making it a little less boxy and cramped. Some modules are on every page such as the shoutbox / chat. Maybe move those to the home / dashboard. That should free up some space.