X2Engine CRM 1.3

We just posted a new release of X2Engine CRM 1.3.

X2Engine CRM Key Features

Web and Facebook Lead Capture Forms

Lead Nurturing, Scoring and Intelligent Routing

Contact Activity Management

Sales Process Work-flow Engine

Email Correspondence

Product and Sales Quotes

User Profile Pages and Activity Streams

Field Security, Roles and Sales Teams

Visual Form Editor for Admins

Reporting Dashboard

iPad and Mobile Device Apps

BSD License

full width is great!

dashboard view of demo page not updated?

Just posted X2Engine CRM 1.4.

BSD License.

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • Fine tuned the layout (background selecting works better, users can now toggle the full-width layout)

  • Major improvements to global search

  • Full Google Calendar integration

  • allow users to sync all there actions and events to there google calendar

  • Improved Workflow widget

  • detail view for each workflow stage

  • users can now edit and backdate previous workflow stages

  • User-created lists now have an export tool, using the current visible columns

  • Improved performance of Contact Timezone widget

  • New "Top Sites’ widget allows you to save bookmarks within X2Engine

Hi x2zulu,

I got some feedback: The dropdown menu doesnt work in Chrome. It’s not on top. Note that you dont notice this on the frontpage, but on all other pages.

I also have a question: I dont see any reference to Yii on your site. Its not needed by the license (I think?), but wouldnt it be a good thing to say?




Yes, we have a Wordpress theme issue on our .com - working on a fix now.

We do highlight Yii whenever we mention the stack X2CRM is built on. We do not use the Yii logo for trademark reasons. We also chose the BSD license because this is what Yii uses and we wanted to be consistent.

We are working on X2Engine 1.5 for next Wednesday release.


We just posted X2Engine CRM 1.5. BSD License

X2CRM 1.5 Changelog

  • New full-featured Marketing module

  • Built on dynamic or static contact lists

  • Templates with contact info insertion

  • Batch mailing system with real-time status info

  • Email open/click tracking

  • Unsubscribe links

  • Major enhancements to notifications

  • Real-time notification popups

  • Customizable notification events

  • VOIP API allows automatic record lookup when a contact calls your phone

  • De-duplication tool

  • Google apps OAuth login

  • Improvements to Google calendar integration

  • New widget dashbaord (previous dashboard module is now called Charts)

  • Numerous bug fixes