X2CRM version 5.2 Yii Powered CRM Released

Hello Yii Community,

Today we are very excited to release X2CRM version 5.2 in open source, Professional and Platinum Editions. This CRM software release has been over ten months in the making and in addition to a ton of new features and general application improvements we have placed special emphasis on quality including over 1,000 automated software unit tests. We have also updated the overall look and feel of X2CRM to provide a more personalized user experience. We hope you like this new version of X2CRM.

X2CRM Team

Santa Cruz

Download Here: www.x2crm.com

Below is a short release highlight summary, you can also see a live demo at http://demo.x2crm.com.

X2CRM Release Highlights:

– X2Workflow Macros Buttons on Individual Records

– Topics Discussion Board and Knowledge Base

– New Themes & Color Coded Modules

– Major Module Detail View UI Update

– Calendar Enhancements

– Campaigns/Marketing Ease of Use Enhancements

– Import/Export Worksheets for mass record updates

– Mass Action updates for Tags, Actions, Comments

– Deduplication Improvements

– X2Workflow Robustness Enhancements

– User Permissions Roles update performance improvements

– New Documentation and Training Videos

– Weblead widget for Activity Feed Dashboard

– Email Widget for Activity Feed Dashboard

– Updated, improved Administration Panel

Feature Highlights:

X2Workflow Record Macros – Users can now create record specific workflow Macros to perform actions on individual records. For example, a sales rep can activate a Macro on a contact record to automatically create a call back in two weeks, and to send a reminder. By combining the power of X2Workflow marketing automation with Sales and Service interactions users have the ability to trigger any workflow process with one click.

Topics/Knowledge Base Module – New in X2CRM 5.2 is a Topics knowledge management, discussion module. Topics combines unstructured content such as product information, or competitive product discussions among users and relates them to individual customer contact records. Users can create new discussion topics, add content, attach files and even relate topics to individual customer records. This is an invaluable feature for knowledge based service organizations.

Interface Themes Example

Have you considered minifying CSS and JS there?